Home solar systems – pros and cons

Home solar systems pros and cons

Many people do conduct research on most matters before they get involved. Therefore, it would not be any different to do so on solar energy. Below is a brief outline of home solar systems – pros and cons of solar power or solar energy.

Pros of solar energy at home

  • Cheap and free

Despite the installation and purchase fees of the solar energy kit, solar power is free of charge. The moment the installation is completed, you do not have to pay monthly or yearly electric bills. The only time you might have to pay when using solar power is during routine maintenance.

  • Pollution free

Production of solar power does not generate any pollution. The equipment used for generation of solar energy does not in any way produce pollution as opposed to the generation of electricity through the burning of fossil fuels.

  • Source of revenue

There are laws put in place that do allow for the owner of a solar system to offer excess power produced for sale. Selling the excess power can be a stable source of revenue on a large-scale production unit.

  • Availability

Solar power can be generated from any location. Using the solar kit and positioning it at a right spot; you can be able to harvest solar energy.

Cons of solar energy at home

  • Installation fees

Installation of a solar power generation kit can be expensive. For one to be able to get enough energy produced for domestic use, buying the highest quality panels and solar kit, is the best option.

  • Space

Some solar panels are very big and can pose a problem to a person without enough room to install the panels needed for the generation of enough energy to serve them comfortably.

  • Bad weather

It goes without say that during bad weather the energy production reduces significantly. Since the panels harvest energy from the sun, bad weather can prevent sun rays from directly hitting the panels hence reduce energy production.

There you have the list of pros and cons, now it’s time to weigh them off each other and make up your mind on whether it’s a good idea or not to install solar panels on your house roof.